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Sunday, November 13, 2011

HUFF STUFF MAGAZINE - "demo" (pave the amazon #1)

HUFF STUFF MAGAZINE - demo (pavetheamazon#1)

"alright, ALLrite, ALL-RIGHT!!! I know what you're thinkin': "Who do these clowns think they are anyway? Comin' to to my town making all that racket with their "borrowed", broken equipment. These chumps must have it in their heads that they got it what it takes. Naming their band after some shit rag that I ain't even heard of. Gimme a friggen break." And you wouldn't be wrong for thinkin' it- but let me assure you that these 3 chaps got it down pat! Stirrin' up the bay scene with their very own brand of jean-hole rock n' roll. You can try and fence them in but you'll be missing the mark, mate. What they do ain't easy to define 'cos when these freaks lay it down they really cross the line. That's right- and don't get it wrong. Don't sleep on this tape because soon they'll be gone. ($5 to: Pave the Amazon, 1316 Fitzgerald St. Oakland, CA 94608)"
-Shane White (Pure Filth fanzine)

HUFF STUFF MAGAZINE - demo minus a song and some other noise

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